2019 Milestones

As a pioneer to achieve interoperability of equipment from different vendors based on 5G standalone (“SA”) architecture in the industry

Launched the e-Surfing Cloud Industrial Internet Platform, made full use of the secure and reliable, independently controllable e-Surfing Cloud infrastructure advantages, combining 5G and industrial Internet to create the industrial edge application and 5G industrial application ecospheres

Held the Co-building Double-Gbps Demonstration City and China Telecom Smart Family Ecosystem Collaboration Conference in Shanghai, published the China Telecom’s Smart Family White Paper, announced to build the five-in-one Smart Family product and service portfolio – consisting of Smart Broadband, Smart Family Platform, Smart Application, Smart Security and Smart Service

China Telecom has been granted the permit to operate 5G digital cellular mobile service

The total number of mobile subscribers exceeded 325 million, leaping to the second place in the industry in the country

Entered into a 5G network co-build and co-share framework cooperation agreement with China United Network Communications Corporation Limited (“China Unicom”). Both parties can fully leverage their mutual complementary advantages over network and spectrum resources, jointly co-build one 5G access network nationwide, rapidly create 5G service capability and effectively reduce network construction and maintenance costs while continuing to operate the business and branding independently to achieve a win-win situation for both parties

Officially launched 5G commercial services in 50 cities nationwide offering 5G services to individuals, households, government and enterprise customers and simultaneously rolled out government and enterprise customers-oriented 5G services based on SA architecture in Shenzhen

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