Since the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic impacted not only the society, production and daily lives, but also the business development and network construction of the Company. The Company took prompt actions and the management of the Company strengthened overall planning and leadership. Based on local conditions, entities at all levels implemented various epidemic prevention and control and organised various measures for resumption of work and production in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, proactively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.

The Company devoted full efforts to provide telecommunications assurance in those areas which were severely affected by the epidemic. The Company immediately initiated epidemic prevention response mechanism, mobilised the Group’s manpower and resources, allocated epidemic prevention supplies and focused on assisting emergency support work for severely-affected regions in Hubei and Wuhan. The Company’s Hubei branch strived to provide telecommunications assurance for local governments and the medical and healthcare industry, ensured the overall stable operation of the medical and healthcare dedicated network and cloud platforms across the province, and assured the smooth operation of 12345 and 120 hotlines. We quickly launched 5G communication for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital, and promptly completed the entire-process delivery of the two hospitals’ core systems. We rapidly completed the network coverage of newly-built hospitals in areas such as Huanggang and Xiaogan and successfully accomplished important assurance tasks such as the video connection between the state leaders and hospitals in Wuhan as well as long distance telemedicine counselling for hospitals. In addition, the Company’s Hubei branch strived to enhance network coverage through various means to cater for the network access needs of vast majority of returning students in rural areas, offering sound support for the continuity of education amid school suspension. We swiftly completed the bandwidth expansion of IPTV, cloud platforms and Internet data centre (IDC) in a timely manner and offered free services such as cloud conference, cloud office and cloud storage of course materials for education authorities, universities, teachers and students across the province.

We enhanced employee care and strived to protect the health and safety and wellbeing of our employees. The Company set up a working team for employee care and provided guidance for entities at all levels to strengthen employee care for frontline employees and employees of specific groups. We also raised sympathy allowance through multiple channels to resolve the difficulties faced by employees in key regions of epidemic outbreak, and allocated and arranged specific funds for condolence related to the epidemic. We actively coordinated our efforts to solve the employees’ difficulties in daily lives and set up a psychological care hotline to help employees relieve their psychological anxiety.

We fully leveraged advantages on cloud-network integration and promoted a number of integrated information services to support the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. Given the requirement for epidemic prevention and control and the new demand for informatisation of enterprises, we provided informatisation services including e-Surfing Cloud, Cloud Conferencing, Cloud Livestream, Cloud Classroom, Cloud Dam, e-Surfing Pushto-Talk, e-Surfing Webcam and e-Surfing Speaker to facilitate epidemic prevention and control, promoting the safe and orderly resumption of work and serving the society and the public.

We strived to provide excellent customer services. The Company promptly launched more than 20 service initiatives such as non-termination of services, public service and welfare messages, quick activation for key assurance functions and caller display name cards in a timely manner. We also strengthened service management and enhanced online service capabilities through electronic channels. The customer service centre “Hotline 10000” implemented a work-from-home policy and we steadily promoted the resumption of operation of physical stores on the basis of implementing epidemic prevention measures at differential regional and hierarchical level, so as to ensure customer services would not be interrupted and customer perception is maintained and assured. We also strengthened network information security to protect users’ personal information.

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